These 15oz bags of pure sea salts are a great addition to yor bath collection. 

Here are ten reasons to include sea salt baths in your self-care ritual:

1) Sea salt contains micronutrients vital to skin health like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

2) Supports new skin cell growth, which allows for a healthy glow.

3) Combats acne causing bacteria.

4) Soaking for 15 minutes in warm sea salt bath water helps with psoriasis by loosenimg scales, sootheing itching, and reducing inflammation.

5) Warm sea salt baths soothe symptoms caused by eczema flare-ups.

6) Improves skin barrier function, which in turn keeps skin moisturized.

7) Soothes sore muscles.

8) Soothes symptoms caused by arthritis.

9) Soothes insect bites.

10) Increases relaxation, which is great for mental health.

QEntanglements offers pure sea salt soaks scented with rose, chocolate espresso, or lemongrass.

They all smell DIVINE!

Himalayan Bath Salt

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