PLEASE NOTE: Custom loaves take at least 4 weeks to cure!


Build your own soap to suit the needs of your business, bridal party, or your own skin. Choose everything from additives like oat milk and sea moss to the color of your soap. Custom soaps need at least 4 weeks of cure time, so be sure to order well before any scheduled events where the soaps will be needed.

Each loaf weighs approximately 3 lb. Each bar of soap is (LxWxH) 1"x3.5"x3". Each loaf contains 11 bars of 1" cut soap.

 To complete order you MUST enter an answer for all product options! 

Unfortunately, every individual option could not be listed in drop down menus, so I will list them all here.

Please write a note of what you would like to add at checkout.


Milks (Choose 1- $2):

-None *No charge*

-Raw Cow's Milk

-Oat Milk

-Coconut Milk

-Rice Water

-Pine Tar


Fragrance (choose 1):

Fragrance Oils ($2/ unless stated otherwise):

-Unscented *No charge*

-Chocolate Espresso- An invigorating mix of chocolate and espresso. Fragrance oil blend.

-Sweet Spring- A lovely sweet scent of honeysuckle, Jasmine, and gardenia. Fragrance oil blend.

-Blackberry- A sweet fragrance of blackberry with light spicy undertones. Fragrance oil blend.

-Juicy Apricot- Peach and apricot top notes with middle notes of jasmine and white lily. Fragrance oil.

-Rose fragrance oil


Essential Oils ($4/ unless stated otherwise):

-Unscented *No charge*



-Lemon Eucalyptus


-Tea Tree

-Fir Needle

-Rose  *$14 extra*


Additives (Choose 1-$1)

-None *No charge*

-Aloe Vera

-African Sea Moss



Exfoliate (Choose 1-$1):

-None *No charge*

-Espresso Grounds

-Ground Oats


Powders (Choose 1- $ .50):

-Activated Charcoal



*Please choose "None", "Unscented" or "Add" under each drop down menu to ensure correct pricing for your custom loaf!

*Please remember to add a note with all of the items you would like to add to your soap upon checkout!

*Please also make note of, at most, 3 colors you would like your soap to be!









Build your Own Loaf (Small)

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